5+ Best Forex VPS Hosting for Trading (Cheapest MT4/MT5 Server)

best vps for forex

A brief overview of the best VPS for the forex trading hosting industry is provided at the article’s beginning. We believe that business is an exchange of goods and services between people.

Forex VPS hosting is the most popular trading platform. This service helps traders and investors track and monitor their trades. A live trading platform, a mobile app for iOS and Android, and an online trading education platform all help traders and investors in managing and track their profits.

Forex, often known as currency trading, is a global market with a huge volume of trade. With daily trading of assets worth $6–$7 trillion, it is the biggest financial market in the world. The IMARC Group predicted that the global FX market would continue its 40-year growth trajectory from 2021 to 2026, growing at a 7.5% CAGR.

However, because there are so many sellers in this field, it might be challenging to pick out the top ones. I have created a list containing some of the top Forex VPS hosting services, being offered to guide you in selecting the best one for your needs.

  1. DedicatedCore
  2. Accuwebhosting
  3. Forextime
  4. FXVM
  5. ForexVPS


dedicatedcore best vps for forex trading

DedicatedCore with the best features available, it’s the best VPS hosting for forex trading as it is committed to providing customers with the best Forex trading experience. They are available 24×7 and can be reached via email, phone, or live chat.

Key Features Making it Special:

  • Turbo Speed: Everything can be handled pretty quickly. A faster server is an upgrade for your company provided by the Forex VPS for trading.
  • Uptime 99.99%: With a tier 4 server you can experience your website running smoothly and robustly.
  • High Network: Having a 4 GBPS network connection to receive a speed of 100x times faster connectivity to download/receive data in seconds.
  • Advanced Expert Team: DedicatedCore serves the best expert support with Whatsapp, Ticket, Email, Chat, and Phone (too) 24×7.
  • Great Security: DedicatedCore Offers top-level security tools like Firewall CSF, and DDoS, to keep the site and its data safe.


  • DedicatedCore serves the best-advanced expert support with Whatsapp, Ticket, Email, Chat, and Phone (too) 24×7.
  • It’s scalable to customize features.
  • Supports MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) to track single movements of trading.
  • DedicatedCore allows you to choose by your need, the versions of Windows OS.


  • There is no such disadvantage of DedicatedCore, as it fulfills all needs of the Trader.

Pricing: $10.76/month


accuwebhosting best vps for mt4

AccuWeb Hosting offers its clients or their website a Windows server OS option, outstanding uptime, and kind customer support.

Key Features Making it Special:

  • Multiple Trading Platforms: It supports various Trading platforms to the user according to which they can choose and trade.
  • Daily & Weekly Backups: With this, we can save your data by backing-Up on a daily or weekly basis which is very beneficial to retrieve at any time.
  • SSD: For fast and smooth data transfer, or to save data.
  • Seasoned Experts: Here with a 24×7 expert support technical team is life for any issues or monitors and manages the Forex server.Highs (Pros) :
  1. Timely server management, 24×7 server monitoring, and best-efforts trading application installation.
  2. 16+ worldwide locations to freely launch your forex VPS trading instance with your chosen locations.
  3. You can run forex trading VPS with a high-speed network connection with HyperV server hosting.

Lows (Cons) :

  1. More comfort in technical support.
  2. With unlimited emails to accounts.

Costing: With a 7-Day money-back guarantee.
Pricing starts at :

  1. $9.99/month
  2. $59.99/month


forextime best vps for trading

The trading options at ForexTime are more varied. The number of traders using ForexTime has increased, and it offers cheaper spreads on well-known Forex tools.

Key Features Making it Special:

  1. Trading platform choice: Here traders have the choice to select between MT4/MT5 trading platforms, at a very cheaper price.
  2. Free wealth Educating: As a beginner or advanced trader, it offers you knowledgeable trading skills before starting trading.
  3. Performance: With spread zero accounts, execution is fast and trading is done with the best prices available.
  4. Safety: SSL network connection protocol keeps the transactions and personal information very safe and secure.


  1. It provides learning articles to learn or upgrade the skills of your trading.
  2. Having the best-secured transaction of funds and investments also provides safety to your private information.
  3. Collection of a wide range of tools for trading.


  1. Inactivity and withdrawal fees


  1. $/€/£ 10
  2. $/€/£ 500


fxvm best vps for futures trading

As defined by their chosen service providers Level 3, Internap, Global Switch, and Equinix, FXVM’s solution is intended to enhance trading outcomes.

Key Features Making it Special:

  1. Everyday Remote Backup: For daily or weekly as you will check for potential issues, it will always be covered with remote backups.
  2. Website Migration Free: It allows you to migrate as many of the sites as you want to migrate to scala hosting.
  3. Security Shield: Their Own security solution provides a new level of protection by successfully blocking 99.98% of online attacks.

Positive (Pros) :

  1. VPS location in 8 locations, including all plans
  2. 100% uptime assurance
  3. Forex VPS providers with no or low latency

Negative (Cons) :

  1. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is not supported by this Forex VPS provider.

Valuation (Price) :

  1. ($28/mo)


forexvps best vps for forex

A plan’s huge user base is the single best indicator of its excellence. One of the top Forex VPS hosting websites is ForexVPS, which has a community of 1 million users.

Key Features Making it Special:

  1. Uptime 99.95%: With a reliable and stable connectivity guarantee of uptime of 99.95%, means your server will hardly go down.
  2. NVMe SSD Storage: This is available to provide smooth performance.
  3. Selecting Data Centers: You can pick from a variety of global data centers to house your servers.
  4. Support: Email, Skype, and telephone are all ways to contact customer assistance.


  1. Almost no latency
  2. online web portal control panel accessibility


  1. slower technical support compared to servers in the cloud.

Pricing :

  1. $33.99/mo.

Here comes, Why do we need Forex VPS for MT4?

A VPS can be used for manual trading in addition to automated trading, which many traders utilize to keep their robots active. Reasons or a best Forex VPS, which is with MetaTrader, why some traders choose to trade utilizing a VPS are stated below:

  1. Continuous, Fast Execution and Hand-Free Trading Experience
  2. Accessible anywhere and from any device.
  3. Forex VPS allows you to choose any geographical location.
  4. Continuously monitoring to ensure it’s live or available.
  5. To overcome technical errors or to have internet uptime

When selecting a VPS for MT4 trading, numerous criteria need to be taken into account. A DedicatedCore forex VPS is the greatest choice, though, if you’re serious about utilizing the platform to its fullest extent.

Frequently Asked Question

How many MT4 can I run on my VPS?

A careful guideline is 2-4 MT4 terminals (with a few charts) per CPU core, depending on each client’s overall configuration. We cannot exceed 10 MT4 running simultaneously in a VPS of any type.

Overall, it may be said.

With the DedicatedCore MT4/MT5 platform you can experience the best VPS for forex ea and unstuck table live trading, along with great unmetered bandwidth, 99% uptime server, and more. They have the strength and 24/7 support team that is to resolve all kinds of issues or problems.

So my, recommendation is to go with DedicatedCore forex VPS for having uninterrupted live and profitable trading and to know how to use VPS for forex trading.