How to Get a Free Domain Name For Website – 2023

how to get a free domain name

Having a great domain name for your website is essential in today’s online world here you will know how to get a free domain. People recall your domain and link it to your website, and eventually, it develops into your own brand.

Visitors get their initial impression of your website and brand from the domain. It is the initial bit of the information displayed by the browser when you visit a website, and it is the first thing they see in the search results. The first thing everyone surely asks is how do I get a free domain name and hope you will get what exactly you should choose.

Because of this, we think having an easy-to-remember domain is one of the most fundamental marketing moves you should make. Not every company offers free domain names but when you go with web hosting they do offer free domain names with that.

This time, there are around 628.5 million registered domains. The most typical domain extension which accounts for almost 37% of all domains. The US has the most domains registered in any country, with 21.5% of them being registered there. As of December 31, 2019, 165.96 million domains were registered, and 201.6 million domains were registered as of December 31, 2020, and till December 31 2021 438.4 million.

Reasons to Register the Domain Name

  • Tremendous growth as we have seen in the statistics for domain registration. so all the best domains are already registered. It’s better to register the domain now. If you are thinking to, get it now otherwise it will also be unavailable soon.
  • Register the domain now If you are even thinking of a business in the future. The domain you require would not be available for you when you require it.
  • Improves Search Ranking – You have the option to add keywords to your domain name or even use them as your domain when using registered domain extensions. When there is a phrase match, this has the advantage of affecting your search engine rankings. High search engine results increase your company’s visibility and traffic.
  • It offers you a polished appearance – You will appear and feel more professional, which is a benefit in and of itself, in addition to giving you credibility in the eyes of the potential clients you are attempting to convert.
  • Digital marketing is expanded – With a registered domain name, you may enhance your internet presence and make it simpler for clients to find you, which provides significant marketing chances. Therefore streamlining the digital marketing process and boosting success rates are managed.

Choosing the Right Domain Name

As we discussed why a domain name is so important that everyone knows you. DomainRacer, Facebook, and Google are the perfect domain names that help you to create a brand. A domain name that you choose always affects your google ranking.

  • Pronounceable Domain – Some domains are not pronounceable so domains should be easily pronounceable as DomainRacer, Amazon, and Flipkart.
  • Easy to use – The domain name should identify your business idea. It should be simple and short. One-word domain names are the most easily popular.
  • Right Keyword for Domain Name – The important is the keyword that you take in a domain name as google ranking all depends on the keyword.
  • No Hyphens and Numbers – Try not to take hyphens and numbers in your domain if unnecessary. That increases the complications in your business.
  • Long-Term Vision – When you decide to choose the domain name think of the long term than the short time.

Registering a Free Domain Name by –

  1. DomainRacer
  2. BigRock
  3. GoDaddy
  4. BlueHost
  5. DreamHost
  • DomainRacer

domainracer create domain name for free

It is one of the best hosting companies in the market now. When you go with DomainRacer they do provide a Free Domain Name. The extensions they provide are .com, .xyz, .net, .org, .info, .uk,, .de, and .me at a meager cost.

So don’t miss to take advantage of this low cost. When you compare all the platforms you will understand this is the cheapest of all. All your websites through DomainRacer will be secured with an SSL certificate. They do provide several options for domain names, the suggestions for names of your choice.

Know how to create a domain name for free or if you already have a domain and want to transfer your domain to DomainRacer you can do that in 3 simple steps. With the hosting, you will get how to buy a free domain name.

Best Because –

  • SSL Certificate
  • LiteSpeed Technology
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SeoDefault Tool
  • Free DNS Management
  • ID Protection
  • 24*7 Support
  • BigRock

bigrock obtain a free domain name

They are also a leading hosting platform. To create a presence online, create a trustworthy and precise website URL. Your online presence can be identified just because of domain names. By submitting the ideal domain name to Bigrock, you may assist your business or passion in reaching its potential.

For a registration that lasts a year, they provide a discount. By using privacy protection, get a free domain name with web hosting. It allows you to swiftly transfer a large number of domains rather than having to do it repeatedly, which saves you time.

Best Because –

  • Name Suggestion Tool
  • Bulk domain transfer
  • Transfer Domain
  • Host Domain with free emails
  • GoDaddy

godaddy how to purchase free domain

It is another popular web hosting platform but the cost is also a bit high. With web hosting, they do provide a free domain name. The bottom two plans don’t offer any free SSL, and the cheapest paid SSL certificate costs $94.99 per year, making them appear rather powerful in other respects.

They also have a huge range of pricing to choose from. With flexible billing in windows and Linux. But also they have average pricing for only a few products. Some hosting like shared hosting has low server response time.

Best Because –

  • Good Range of products
  • Multilingual support
  • Linux and Windows Hosting
  • BlueHost

bluehost register free domain name for website

It is another top web hosting platform that provides free domain names. They have a good range of features. With the free SSL certificate, it gives a secure website. With good support via call and chat, they are available for your help.

With the features required for your business do help to boost your business. Bluehost is also known for some amazing themes.

Best Because –

  • Expert Live chat support
  • Instinctive web dashboard
  • Rich Features
  • DreamHost

dreamhost have a free domain name

It is another web hosting that gives a free domain name. In addition, DreamHost provides capable email hosting. You might believe that you already have emails with other providers, but that isn’t always the case.

Even if you get an email, it might not be as advanced as you believe, and not all domain registrations or shared hosting plans provide it. It doesn’t have refunds for some plans or payment methods. They don’t have phone support always.

Best Because –

  • Domain Free with Hosting Plan
  • Scalable features
  • Quick customer support

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is a Domain Name?

Before starting an internet business, the first step is selecting a domain. It is a pet name for your business. The domain name is a component of the Universal Resource Locator (URL). That you enter in the browser’s address bar example “ “ in “domainracer” is the domain

Q2. How to Register a Domain Name for Free?

If you want to register a domain name then it cost you something. A better way is to go with DomainRacer hosting which offers you a free domain name.

Visiting a DomainRacer getting web hosting and registering a free domain name. With an SSL certificate. Paying just for web hosting you can get domain names freely which saves a lot of money. Hope you get how to register a free domain name for a website

Q3. What are the Top Free Domain Platforms?

Check out our list of providers offering free domain registration.

  1. DomainRacer
  2. BigRock
  3. GoDaddy
  4. BlueHost
  5. DreamHost

Q4. Do I Need a Website to Register a Domain Name?

The best option is if all you want to do right now is register a domain name without building a website. It provides a simple method for domain name management without the need for a website. You can simply point the domain name to your choice or go with DomainRacer itself as they provide hosting too.

Final Thought…

When looking for something totally free, it has some drawbacks behind that or some limitations. And nothing is really free when you go into detail about that. When it’s about the domain you need to get web hosting so platforms like DomainRacer offer you a free domain with it.

Domain registration doesn’t need to be pricey. Web hosts, such as DomainRacer, let you grab a free domain name, too, where you save a lot of money. Still, if you’re on a tight budget, these no-cost domain options come in handy. They’ll get the job done.

Hope this helped you to get the proper solution to your confusion about how to get a free domain for a website and its limitations. Before going for anything free do check for the conditions and hidden charges safety and all factors on how to have a domain name for free.